BREEAM & CSH Credits

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BREEAM & CSH Credits

Credits can be obtained under BREEAM Pol 03 Surface Water Run-Off. Nimbus Engineering can support your needs by providing outline designs of sustainable urban drainage systems or providing guidance on how to achieve these credits; as well as producing the reports and calculations required to support these applications. We can also provide you with details of assessors that we have worked with, UK wide, should this be required.

Code for Sustainable Homes

Flood risk and surface water management credits can be obtained for the ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’, through completion of the SUR1 (Surface Water Run-off) and SUR2 (Flood Risk) reports. We have experienced staff who can provide design guidance, as well as storage calculations. This extensive knowledge and our streamlined approach, means that we can provide a quick turnaround for projects, for a very competitive price.
If you have a project that requires this service, then please contact us on 0800 0614916 or email [email protected]

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