• sustain

    Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems & Surface Water Drainage Design

    What are SuDS? Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS), as the name suggests, are sustainable methods of controlling, treating and conveying surface water, which replicate natural processes by slowing flows and disposing of water as close to the source as possible. In addition, they can provide the added benefits of creating habitats and amenity through the […]

  • Flooded area

    Flood Risk Assessment

    When do I need an FRA? A flood risk assessment is required to accompany a planning application for any site at risk of flooding from rivers, the sea, groundwater, reservoirs or any site that is greater than 1 hectare; to ensure that the proposed new development does not increase flood risk elsewhere or increase risk […]

  • foul water drainage design

    Foul Water Drainage Design

    Foul water is any wastewater coming from Toilets, Urinals, sinks, showers, baths, dishwashers and washing machines which is then discharged appropriately into the foul or combined sewage network, to be eventually conveyed into wastewater treatment plants. In rural areas where there is no wastewater network in the vicinity of the site, the foul water from […]

  • hydraulic calculations

    SuDS Reports and Hydraulic Calculations

    Nimbus Engineering can provide help and advice on any, and all aspects of drainage design and sustainable urban drainage strategies, including SuDS assessments, in order to help you meet all the regulations required by national and local planning authorities, UK Wide. Involving a SuDS report specialist from the outset will ensure a smooth planning processes, […]

  • Planning

    Report to Assist Planning Applications Some planning applications will not be validated until they are accompanied by either a Flood Risk Assessment report, or a SuDS report.  Quite often clients have a very small timeframe to provide these so that their application is validated or not refused, and due to a proven track record and […]

  • Structural Engineering

    We work closely with a number structural engineering companies on a collaborative basis that we would highly recommend, therefore if you would like us to recommend a company to work with us, so that both your civil and structural engineering needs are met, then please contact us on 0800 0614916 or email info@nimbusengineering.com

  • BREEAM & CSH Credits

    Credits can be obtained under BREEAM Pol 03 Surface Water Run-Off.  Nimbus Engineering can support your needs by providing outline designs of sustainable urban drainage systems or providing guidance on how to achieve these credits; as well as producing the reports and calculations required to support these applications. We can also provide you with details […]

  • BRE 365 Percolation test

    BRE365 Percolation Test

    BRE365 Percolation Tests establish whether the ground at the site of a new development is suitable for infiltration forms of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS), such as soakaways. The BRE365 infiltration or percolation test measures the water absorption rate of the soil to determine whether the ground conditions are appropriate, and ultimately whether the surface […]