Welcome to Nimbus Engineering Consultants

We are consulting Civil Engineers with a wealth of experience covering all aspects of Flood Risk and Drainage Design, including Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Design (SuDS Design), Flood Risk Assessment reports (FRAs), Flood Warning and Evacuation plans (FWEPs), and Surface water management schemes, including SuDS reports, nationwide.

We can provide Flood Risk Assessment and SuDS reports (FRA and SuDS report), required to support planning applications or a discharge of conditions, as well as Drainage Strategy Reports, Drainage Design and SuDS design, accompanied by the required reports. These reports can be provided separately or combined, in the form of a Flood Risk Assessment and SuDS Report (FRA and SuDS report), or a Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy report (FRA and Drainage Strategy report), as per the requirements of the specific Local Planning and Lead Local Flooding Authority.

We are client-focused, and if required work closely with the clients from the planning stage through to construction, as well as providing the necessary SuDS Management and Maintenance plans. We have the necessary skills and experience in order to provide innovative, technically sound and robust solutions that are also cost-effective. We work closely with many Local Authorities and Lead Local Flood Authorities nationwide and are therefore aware of each of their specific requirements, especially when relating to SuDS reports and Drainage strategy reports.  Therefore, we can provide a SuDS report and SuDS design in order to support planning applications or to discharge planning conditions, within tight timescales, due to these existing relationships.

Flood Risk Assessment and SuDS Reports (FRA and SuDS report), or Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy reports (FRA and Drainage Strategy report), within a Flood zone 1, can also be provided within tight timescales.

Below ground drainage Foul and Surface water and SuDS design can also be provided as supporting information requested by the Local Planning or Lead Local Flood Authority, as well as Foul and Surface water and SuDS drainage design for construction for varying sizes of construction projects.

Our clients find us to be reliable and very approachable with an eager willingness to accept and meet challenges, no matter how small or large the project may be.  We believe that it is through this attitude, that 90% of our business has been through word of mouth.  Whether it be for an informal chat about a proposed development, or a requirement for any of the services we can provide, please contact us on 0800 0614916, or email info@nimbusengineering.co.uk