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4 min read

Why do I need a Flood Risk Assessment in a Flood Zone 1?

“The council are asking me to do a Flood Risk Assessment, but my property/development is in a flood Zone 1…”

It’s a...

3 min read

What You Need to Know About the London Sustainable Drainage Proforma

If you have an upcoming development in the London area which requires a sustainable drainage strategy, completion of...

4 min read

SuDS Assessment: What You Need to Know

If you’re an architect, property developer, builder, planner or landowner, and need to know exactly what a SuDS report...

4 min read

Why a SuDS Strategy Is Crucial for Planning Approval

Conducting a SuDS report on your development is often stipulated as part of the planning approval process, but what are...

3 min read

Why Planning Approval Often Depends on SuDS

Planning approval often depends on SuDS as without it the surface water networks and rivers would overflow, cause...

7 min read

Top 3 Things You Need to Know About SuDS Design and Strategy

Sustainable urban drainage strategies (SuDS) are systems designed to manage how surface water will be drained in urban...

5 min read

How Do Sustainable Drainage Strategies Work?

 Sustainable urban drainage strategies (SuDS) are systems and methods of designing how surface water will be drained in...